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The Meaning Movement: Rediscover your Passion, Avoid Burnout, and Do Work You Love.

Aug 9, 2022

Marlita Hill is a choreographer, educator, and author of multiple books. She has built an entrepreneurial practice at the intersection of faith and art. Her conversations and questions revolve around exploring ways faith and creativity can coexist for artists. 

Through her work, she supports artists in nurturing these parts of their identities together.

Marlita runs two programs — Nail That Niche and The Kingdom Artist Initiative — to empower artists in these ways.

In this episode you'll learn:

-What Marlita does

-Helping people understand the work that they do

-Looking through the lens of a choreographer

-Marlita’s journey into dancing and choreography

-From idea to manifestation: a series of decisions

-Understanding what you’re trying to build

-Identity of your creation influences all decisions

-The tornado brain and laying the initial foundation

-Finding threads that tie your story together

-Chart out the different things you do

-Notice the integrations and how they feed into each other

-Identifying themes and crossovers

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