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The Meaning Movement: Helping You Find Your Calling, Create Your Life's Work, and Make Career Change

Jul 9, 2019

Jay Grandin is a founding partner of GiantAnt— a film and animation studio.  He didn't set out to start a company.  He didn't even plan to pursue film and animation.  But one thing lead to another and a quirky thing he did with his girlfriend eventually become a business and career.

Jay's story has many twists and...

Jun 25, 2019

When Cait Flanders decided to stop spending money for a year, everything changed.  What started as a personal experiment with money, turned into a transformational journey and ultimately a book deal.

Today on the podcast, I dig into that experience with Cait, along with things like money, debt, and how important it...

Jun 11, 2019

Chocolatier, Lawyer, and Monk.  These are distinct and separate roles and titles, some of which Shawn has held in the past and holds now.

Shawn is the founder of Askinosie chocolate, a chocolate factory that practices direct trade, profit sharing with farmers, as well as a variety of social endeavors.

He is also the...

Sep 17, 2018

Ileana Haberman is an artist and small business owner. She loves her art. In her words, her art is what she has to do— she doesn't have a choice. And her business supports her art and allows her a life where she gets to create art.

I found her perspective refreshing.

I love hearing from creative about the creative...

Jul 13, 2018

Michelle Ward helps creative women build businesses and do work they love. She didn’t always have this career goal in mind. Her younger years were spent in pursuit of one thing: theater. But she eventually got to the point when she needed to make a change. That eventually lead her to where she is today. And she’s...